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All the activities are directed to fulfill our mission that is "To facilitate Physical, Moral, Social and Academic development of children, enabling them to become conscientious & contributing human beings who will make world a better place.



Achievement 2020-21

ACHIEVEMENTS OF HERMANN GMEINER SCHOOL JAMMU SESSION 2020-21 • Inter-house Hindi Poem recitation competition for C1 and C2 category on Thursday (07.05.2020) was nicely held on zoom. All participants from each category and each house participated and some teachers were connected including judges. Parents and students enjoyed the activity. • An online biggest dance competition was held on 07.05.2020 organized by BURN A TON. 25 participants from the SOS HGS JAMMU had participated. • An inter-house online (live demonstration) activity on the topic “survival measures during COVID-19 pandemic” for C2 category was held on 15.05.2020 on zoom. • An online essay and painting competition on the theme” Our Solution are in nature” and topic “SAFEGUARDING JAMMU AND KASHMIR BIODIVERSITY-WAKE UP CALL IN PREVAILING PANDEMIC CRISIS “organized by Jammu and Kashmir Forest Research Institute Government of Jammu and Kashmir (UT) was held from 19.05.2020 to 21.05.2020. 19 students in essay competition and 06 students in painting competition were participated from school. • An online poster and painting design competition on the theme” COVID 19” was held during week. Students from class VI to X were participated. • An inter-house online English Debate competition on the topic” Lockdown is mandatory during corona period” for C3 category was held on Friday (22.05.2020). • An inter-house online English Debate competition on the topic” Effect of lockdown on student's life” for C4 category was held on Thursday 28.05.2020. • An inter-house Bhakti song competition for C1 and C2 categories was held on Thursday 04/06/2020. • Inter house poster making competition on the topic “Environment Change “was held on 05/06/2020(Friday). • An inter-house “Online plantation demonstration activity” for C1 category was held on Thursday (23.07.2020) and for C2 category was held today (24.07.2020). Students planted the sapling with some dialogues. • An inter-house “Online plantation demonstration activity” for C1 category was held on Thursday (24.07.2020). Students and teachers participated the activity enthusiastically. • SOS HGS, Jammu celebrated the 74th Independence Day by the customary hoisting of the National Flag and a speech by the principal Mr.R K Dhar. Every class teacher conducted national anthem ceremony virtually on various platforms such as WebEx, zoom and google meet. The activity group also shared a video on the YouTube channel and uploaded the photos on Facebook. • On August 12, 2020, SOS HGS, Jammu organized a virtual celebration of Janmashtami, which flowered into a grand success, owing to the zealous participation of students and teachers. A colorful dance performance by students dressed up as Krishna and gopikas added to the delight. The activity group also shared the videos and photos on Facebook. • Students participated in various activities such as rakhi making in their online classes to celebrate RakshaBandhan on 01.08.2020. Colorfulrakhis were made in class under the guidance of their teachers and parents. Children enthusiastically participated in the activity. The activity group also shared the videos and photos on Facebook. • Students celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi virtually. Students enjoyed the day with their families by chanting hymns, drawing, painting, and narrating stories based on the theme of the day. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, students expressed their devotion to Lord Ganesha. Principal appreciated the joint efforts of students, teachers, and parents. The activity group also shared a video on the youtube channel and uploaded the photos on Facebook. • Dancing superstar conducted in July and result was declared on 1st of august. 9 students gotselected from junior and senior category for grand finale after selection in first and second round. • Korean Essay writing competition was held online in which 40 students from class (VI to XII) of school participated and submitted their essays via email. • SOS HGS, Jammu celebrated the teacher’s day on 5th September, 2020.PrincipalMr. R K Dhar addressed the students and staff by audio message. He expressed his views on importance of student teacher relationship and positive learning environment for the students. Class teachers with students celebrated the activityvirtually on zoom and google meet. The students participated enthusiastically in various activities like speeches, dances etc. Photos and videos are also shared on YouTube channel. • An inter-house “online Hindi debate competitionfor C4 category was held on 16.09.2020 on google meet. Two students from each house had participated. Photos and videos are also shared on YouTube channel. • Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on October 7, 2020 virtual platform in which children presented speeches, Dances, Skitson virtual platform

Social Awareness Program

The school introduced the concept of interacting with different communities in adjoining areas of the school to develop the awareness of literary importance among the illiterate people in the community and develop a good coordination between the communities with the school. The school took the initiative of community based programs which include adult education program and other community awareness programs. To start with the initiative the following strategy was taken into consideration

A meeting was held at Village KherianTrilokpur on July 14, 2016 with village members in which Ms Geeta Sharma FSP Coordinator SOS Chilren's Village Jammu, local members of the panchayat community like Sarpanch, Lambardar of Village Kherian were present. A brief introduction of school and its role in community awareness was given to them. Village members were motivated to attend the Adult Education Program.

For the program the school provided stationery items and other material. Also for imparting the program it was ensured to:


  •    Maintain the understanding that all adults should be encouraged to see the value of their own life experience and knowledge and bring those to their learning.
  •    Frame groups and encourage learners to teach one another and to use group for support.
  •    Teachers meant for program to use different approach from those generally used in classrooms


First adult literacy program was held on August 08, 2016 at KherianTrilokpur Jammu in a community Hall. About 20 adults participated. The necessary stationery items were arranged by the school. Basic concepts of English and Hindi alphabets were introduced. It was a new learning for adults and they responded well with eager desire to learn.


A slide presentation on Drug Abuse was also shown to the students of nearby Govt. School and village adults on the same day. The programme further continued on August 16, 2016, August 23 and August 30, 2016 in which adults were made aware about ill effects of drug addiction and how one should be safe from this menace.


On 27 September 2016 Adult Literacy Programme was again conducted at Kherian Village in which children of nearby Govt. Middle School were invited to participate in the program. Apart from this the women of the neighbourhood were made aware about their personal, community hygiene, Sanitation and nutritional needs of the adolescents. Students of our school presented power point presentation of sanitation and diseases and prevention. The invited students and women participants were opened to questions and their queries were answered on spot. Overall program was well organized and successful.


On December 06, 2016 concept of ing - words was given to adults at village Kheria, Talab Tillo Jammu. Adults were given some words to joining and were motivated to write new words. Besides this a slide presentation by group of six students of class VIII which was witnessed by students of nearby government school. Also a skit on child labour and child abuse was presented on the same day. Adults responded with zeal and enthusiasm.


On January 04, 2017 program on cash less banking was organized at village Kherian in which members of local community participated enthusiastically. A workshop was conducted on use of ATM, use of swipe machine, on line shopping, use of paytm, SBI Buddy was explained. The community members were motivated to open their bank accounts and make use of ATM. Besides this a signature campaign was done by all members in both Hindi and English.


Community awareness program on Road Safety was organized on January 19, 2017 at Village Trilokpur in which community children were present. Children were made award about the road safety rules. Use of traffic lights and traffic signs was discussed. A slide presentation on road safety was also shown to students.